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German M&A consultant website background.

Sascha Hohen
Industrial Engineer, MBA

Technology is seen as a critical success factor in many M&A transactions. Extensive technical knowledge is often an essential criterion for evaluating and selecting possible candidates for mergers & acquisitions. This is where one of our many strengths becomes apparent. As your main contact, Mr. Hohen does not only possess in-depth business knowledge, but also extensive technical understanding. As a qualified industrial engineer, he is able to assess economic and technical aspects beyond professional boundaries. His knowledge is supplemented by a technical IHK degree. In addition, Mr. Hohen expanded and deepened his business skills through further studies, which he completed with the title “Master of Business Administration” (MBA). Mr. Hohen is currently a lecturer for Strategic Management at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.

Mr. Hohen gained several years of experience in a German technology group that employed over 130,000 people worldwide. Mr. Hohen then founded a medium-sized company together with partners. He was a managing partner in this company for many years. After years of growth, the shareholders came to the joint decision that the right time had come to sell their company. At this company sale, Mr. Hohen gained first-hand mergers & acquisitions experience. This helps him in his current role as an M&A advisor. He can put himself in the shoes of his own clients.

Today, Mr. Hohen advises clients in the fields of electrical engineering and electronics, information technology and telecommunications as well as mechanical and plant engineering.

"I Would Be Happy to Give You My M&A Advice"

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