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Tailored Mergers & Acquisitions Services

For many small and medium-sized companies, mergers & acquisitions are an absolute exception. This is why medium-sized companies generally do not have their own M&A departments in which M&A know-how is bundled. If a company is about to be sold or acquired, the involvement of an external mergers and acquisitions advisor for the duration of the M&A process can be very beneficial. We are happy to support you in your German mergers and acquisitions activities by offering you a sale mandate or purchase mandate. We also offer individual M&A advice on a daily or hourly wage rate.

Learn More About Our Services:

  • Sales Mandate
    Mergers & acquisitions are often complex and lengthy processes. Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do not have their own M&A department. Therefore, it makes sense to involve an external M&A advisor in many cases. By taking on a sales mandate, we offer you the option of planning your M&A process individually and carrying it out professionally. >Find Out More
  • Purchase Mandate
    As an external mergers and acquisitions consulting agency, we offer medium-sized companies the option of taking on a purchase mandate. In this capacity, we support you in planning and coordinating your M&A activities. This service includes identifying and analyzing suitable target companies. We also address the selected target companies and conduct purchase negotiations with them. >Find Out More
  • Succession Advice
    We advise owners of small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on possible succession solutions in connection with mergers and acquisitions activities. We will be by your side in an advisory capacity, but we will not take on a purchase or sale mandate. Billing is based on hourly or daily rates. This option is intended for company owners who do not want to be bound to a long-term contract. >Find Out More
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