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Family makes a succession meeting in a house.
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Succession Advice

We Help You to Find the Best Succession Solutions for You

Advice on a succession strategy.

Individual Succession Consulting

Many medium-sized companies in Germany are still passed on to the next generation within the entrepreneurial family. However, this is frequently not possible. Thus, the company owner often has to deal with alternatives. In this context, selling to one's own employees, to third parties or dissolve the company is often the choice.

At this juncture, we will individually consult you on possible exit strategies. This gives you the opportunity to deal with succession solutions at an early stage and to plan the succession in the long term. We would also check to what extent a mergers and acquisitions strategy is suitable in your case. For many small and medium-sized companies, M&A activities are an exception. Therefore, many medium-sized companies do not have their own M&A departments in which mergers and acquisitions know-how is concentrated. Since internal M&A experts are often not available, commissioning an external mergers and acquisitions consultant in the course of a planned company sale can be beneficial. However, especially in the lower middle class segment, mergers and acquisitions boutiques or even investment banks are usually not commissioned with structuring and executing transactions. In the M&A process, the long-standing tax advisor is often the only point of contact. Many owners of medium-sized companies often only realize during the buying or selling process how complex and time-consuming the M&A process is. As a result, the burdens of the mergers and acquisitions activity and the continuation of the daily business quickly push the entrepreneur to his or her limits. At this point, we can provide you with know-how and thus contribute to a professional flow of the transaction process. This service includes individual advice on an hourly or daily wage rate. A permanent contract, such as a sales or purchase mandate, does not apply to this service. The service will only constitute advice; addressing or negotiations with third parties will not take place. If you are looking for such a service, please see our other offers.

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